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Our associated Farmers and Tribals, use the age old technology to preserve teh goodness of Toor Daal for many months and it is now brought to your home through VATSAN. Our team carefully chooses the best RED Soil taht has many micronutrients that are naturally present in themd to cover the lenthils. This type of Soil compaction prevents germination of worms, Insecets and their attack on these lentils for many days. This method avoids harmful chemical fumigation for extended Storage.

On customers request, our team cleans up the mud and breaks the lenthil into two by hands manually leaving behind the highly nutrioous Yellow Color lenthils with Red SKIN. These are rich in carbohydrates and essential protein. Moreover the amount of fat and sugar combined is very low which makes it safe for cholesterol and diabetic patients. 

Our special mud processed toor dal generates the good aroma and increases the taste when compared to normal Toor Daal, which can be used to prepare dishes like sambhar, puran poli, and dal fry. It’s a staple food in India and consumed along with rice or roti. The rich presence of dietary fibers and low volume of fat make toor dal a great option for balanced diets.