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About Vatsan

VATTAM AGRO & DAIRY INDUSTRIES PVT LTD, based in Chennai, India, is an Agriculture Commodities Producing, Manufacturing, and Trading enterprise formed on a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge of Agricultural Produce, related practises, and global trade. We collaborate with individual Farmers and Farmer Groups who use Organic and Natural farming methods across crops. We are confident that the farmer network will have a greater impact on society, resulting in improved product quality and quantity.

Our specialist SME team works with farmers to reduce costs through rationalised input utilisation while increasing production and profits. Pro-harvest, our team ensures that the farmers' produce reaches the customers with the utmost care and that those produce is properly maintained in large warehouse or cold storages or converted as Value Added Products or given to other Organic Stores across India or packed according to International standards and shipped or airlifted to countries around the world.


10+ direct experience in Agro Produce

5000+ Connected Farmers to supply, all through the year

160+ Groceries with Organic Certifications.

Network of storage facilities across India

Smart SME's to increase Quality & Quantity

Strategic location for quick transit to various Ports in South India

Why choose us?

We collaborate with organic and natural farmers.

We emphasise native and traditional varieties.

We make every effort to provide two-way traceability for all items.

We develop agripreneurs.

Interact directly with farmer interest groups

Our Vision

We aimed to directly transform at least 30,000 farmers and their families in order to achieve more sustainable growth by providing high-quality agricultural products and adding value to the lives of customers and farmers.

Our Mission

We will take a NO COMPROMISE approach to food quality and hygiene from harvest to consumer plate, and we want to be one of the top five trading companies in the world across all Agro categories.