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Coconut Oil

by Admin

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VATSAN’s Coconut oil wood cold-pressed is extracted from fresh raw coconuts. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral activities and anti-oxidant. It helps in boosting the immune system, treats skin, hair related problems and also reduces cholesterol, and has got vital nutrients. It is also a good substitute for butter or eggs in baked dishes.

Premium quality and 100% pure chekku coconut oil. It’s completely free from chemicals at all stages of production and retains the original nutritional values of organic coconut. 
Our chekku coconut oil is extracted using the traditional cold-pressing technique and it doesn’t contain sulfur or other added preservatives. Since the coconuts do not exceed 120F temperature during the process, the nutrients in the coconut are not lost. 
Coldpressed chekku coconut oil retains the flavor, taste, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements of coconut. It can improve metabolism and ease digestion. It can increase the good HDL cholesterol and decrease the bad LDL cholesterol in your body.  Apart from culinary uses, it can also be used to treat various skin conditions. Applying coconut oil is helpful to moisturize the skin and prevent hair damage. 

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